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Inferno on is for demonstration only. Not for use with is not for use with sensitive data or Protected Health Information (PHI). Data periodically removed.

About Inferno on


Welcome to Inferno on, a public Inferno test host provided by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). This site provides a live demonstration environment for select HL7® FHIR® tests written using the Inferno Framework. This includes the (g)(10) Standardized API Test Kit which is an approved test method for the ONC (g)(10) Certification Criterion.

Inferno tests are packaged in executable Test Kits, which typically target requirements provided by one or more FHIR Implementation Guides. Inferno on allows users to execute tests within several Inferno Test Kits. To get started testing, select the Test Kit that targets an Implementation Guide relevant to your system on the Test Kits page. Or if you would like to quickly try out a set of tests against a simulated API, visit the (g)(10) Standardized API Walkthrough for instructions.

This site is not approved for use to access sensitive data or Protected Health Information (PHI). It is intended for demonstration purposes; users are encouraged to download and run tests locally, as all tests provided on this host are open source and are designed to be portable between environments. Test session data is periodically removed.

About the Inferno Framework

All tests that are available on Inferno on are built using the Inferno Framework, a framework for creating, executing and sharing FHIR conformance tests. If you are interested in learning how to create your own tests with the Inferno Framework, visit the Inferno Framework documentation site.

Available Inferno Test Kits

This site runs a curated set of Inferno Test Kits that are generally relevant to ONC's Certification program and standards-related activities, while also meeting a standard for quality and completeness. Visit the Test Kit page to see which Test Kits are currently available to be run on this site. Please reach out to the team if you have built an Inferno Test Kit that you would like to be added to this site.

For a more comprehensive list of Test Kits built using the Inferno Framework, including those not available to be executed on this site, the Inferno team maintains a list of publicly available, open source Test Kits on the Inferno Framework community page.

Contact the Team

For questions or issues with this site, please reach out to the Inferno team on the #Inferno FHIR Zulip channel.

Please submit issues with individual tests to the maintainers of those tests. Each Test Kit includes contact information, and issues with specific Test Kits are typically tracked via the Test Kit's GitHub repository. For example, the ONC Certification (g)(10) Standardized API Test Kit tracks issues on its associated GitHub Repository Issue page. Links to the appropriate issue tracker are typically provided in the Test Kit description and in the footer of the testing interface.

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