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Da Vinci Prior Authorization Support (PAS) Test Kit

Test Kit Version: 0.9.3
Maturity: Low

The Da Vinci Prior Authorization Support (PAS) Test Kit validates the conformance of both PAS client and server implementations to version 2.0.1 of the Da Vinci PAS Implementation Guide.

To validate the behavior of a system Inferno will act as the partner to the system under test:

  • When testing a client: Inferno will act as a server, awaiting requests from the client under test, returning appropriate responses, and validating the conformance of the client’s requests and its ability to handle the responses appropriately.
  • When testing a server: Inferno will act as a client, making requests against the server under test and validating the conformance and appropriateness of the server’s responses.

The test suites for both PAS clients and servers follow the same basic outline, each testing:

  • The implementation’s ability to use PAS-defined APIs to participate in the submission of and decision on a prior authorization request, including:
    • Approval of a prior authorization request.
    • Denial of a prior authorization request.
    • Pending of a prior authorization request and a subsequent final decision.
  • The implementation ability to provide and handle data covering the full scope of PAS must support requirements on:
    • Prior authorization submissions.
    • Prior authorization inquiries.

The Da Vinci PAS Test Kit is built using the Inferno Framework. The Inferno Framework is designed for reuse and aims to make it easier to build test kits for any FHIR-based data exchange.

Known Limitations

The following areas of the IG are not fully tested in this draft version of the test kit:

  • Private X12 details including value set expansions
  • The use of Subscriptions to alert clients of updates to pended requests
  • Prior Authorization update workflows
  • Requests for additional information handled through the CDex framework
  • PDF, CDA, and JPG attachments
  • US Core profile support for supporting information
  • Server inquiry matching and subsetting logic
  • Server inquiry requests from non-submitting systems
  • Server collection of metrics
  • Client handling of responses containing all PAS-defined profiles and must support elements
  • Client handling of situations that requiring manual review of the client system, e.g., the requirement that clinicians can update details of the prior authorization request before submitting them

For additional details on these and other areas where the tests may not align with the IGs requirements, see documentation in the test kit source code (client, server), and this requirements analysis spreadsheet.

Reporting Issues

Please report any issues with this set of tests in the GitHub Issues section of the open source code repository.

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